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Professional Cooperative for Shandong Yantai Huaxin Minlian Agricultural and Sideline Products (hereinafter referred to as Minlian Cooperative) is located in Xixia City, Shandong Province which is known as the beautiful ridge of east Shandong. The main topography of this area is hilly and mountainous region and is characterized by six mountains, one river and three fields. Such geographical environment is very suitable for planting apples. China has been planting apple for over 2,000 years. In the 1866 AD, the diligent Xixia people introduced a large number of seeds for plantation. For more than 100 years cultivation, they have accumulated rich technology and experience. Since the reform and opening up, Xixia had been speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure and vigorously developing the apple industry. Now the city has an annual output of roughly 1 billion kg of apple, which has become a pillar industry. Moreover, Xixia has won the honorary title as the capital of apple of China and the No. 1 City of Chinese apple by the China Fruit Association.

Minlian Cooperative has standard production base of 2,300 mu and is situated in the center of Jiaodong Peninsula. Most part of the base is mountains and hills and is over 178 m above the sea level. The citys annual average temperature is 11.3, with average precipitation of 754 mm and the frost-free season averaging 207 days. Besides, the total sunlight throughout the year is 2,690 hours and the area shows four distinctive seasons, large difference in temperature between day and night, and appropriate soil condition. At the same time, the natural environment here is extremely suitable for growing apples.

Minlian Cooperative has an annual production of excellent apple of over 10,000 tons as well as air-conditioned cold store for apple of several ten thousands tons. Developing from a training base to an apple demonstration base, the cooperative has been vigorously put into place an effective operation and management system and cultivated a team of elites of over 50, including corporate administrative staff, technology development personnel, technical staff, and sales professionals as well as more than 2,000 production personnel at the base. We also actively strengthen cooperation with related academy of agricultural sciences and technical organizations to widely use physical biological engineering for the development of organic apple production. Our apples are famous for large size, desirable shape, bright color, excellent brightness, proper sourness and sweetness and fragrant and crisp taste. And the high-quality fruit rate is up to over 90%. Besides, Minlian apples have large size, fine fruit shape, bright and red color, fine and smooth appearance, proper sour and sweet taste, relatively hard pulp, fewer fiber, and fine texture. Besides, the content of fruit juice is over 89%, total super content is up to 16.4% and our apple has rich content of wholesome microelement such as iron, zinc, manganese, calcium and selenium as well as rich amino acid. So far Minlian apple has won general approval of experts and consumers and Minlian brand not only is most influential across China, but has enjoyed a ready sale at home and abroad as well.

Minlian Cooperative has been focusing on households with large quantity of farm produce, taking serving members as our target and developing standard production base as base in order to carry out concentric and diversified development, gradually expand multiple professional industrial chain that integrates product production, storage, transportation, processing and sale and boost the rapid development of rural economy. We have also worked to continuously expand production, increase output, raise product quality and integrate the high-quality land of mountainous areas so as to realize the goal of leading farmers to the road of wealth. Following the concept of upholding by government, resource integration, participation by farmers, market operation, uniform standard and scientific management, we are based in Xixia to face the whole country and go global, to vigorously develop organic agriculture and to bring about the core productivity of Minlian Cooperative. Moreover, we commit to developing agriculture in a professional way, take serving the society as our bounden duty and have been making unremitting efforts in realizing the China dream with constant self-reliance.

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