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Apple Art Festival (APEC) "Hua Xin Minlong" Peking Opera Apple press conference


Recently, in order to celebrate the "Hua Xin Minlian" brand Apple successfully among the "National Day" ranks, China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Center and Huaxin Group jointly held a press conference.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, State Council Counselor Liu Jian, "along the way" planner Wang Ji, China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Center, the relevant person in charge and international friends to attend the event.

At the conference, Wang Ji for the "Hua Xin Minlian" brand Apple (APEC) China State Foreign Affairs State guests ceremony award, Liu Jian published a warm speech, fully affirmed the Huaxin Group to help foreign affairs activities to enhance the international friendship And earnestly hope that "Huaxin Minlian" brand Apple make persistent efforts to grow apples, polish signs, create new and greater performance; international friends on behalf of Huaxin Group Chairman Li Le Lin, respectively, to celebrate the glory time.

Participate in the press conference guests also with great interest to visit the Peking Opera Apple production base, picking apples.


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